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HD Communications Summit: Pulver announces HD marketing association, FCC petition, fall event

New York City –  VoIP’s purple pundit wasted no time at the HD Communications Summit in declaring his intentions.  Jeff Pulver, founder of the original VON franchise in 1997, announced the creation of the “HD Connect” HD voice marketing association and a plan to put a petition before the FCC to convert the country’s phone system to HD. He also plans to hold a two day follow-up event in September with a wider discussion agenda.

Part of Pulver’s proclaimed mission is to make the rounds of the investment community and “raise the value” of telecommunications firms by explaining the value of HD voice technology to Wall Street analysts and venture capitalists. His core message will differ from his travels in the late ‘90s, when Pulver and colleague Daniel Berringer predicted that the power of VoIP would hammer the cost of long-distance phone calls and that landlines would be subsumed by cellular.

Speakers at the event seemed to agree that a universal and recognizable HD voice logo would be a good thing even as they presented reports on the state of HD technology, deployment and the challenges ahead to make HD voice a ubiquitous service across broadband and wireless networks and consumer and enterprise markets.

Pulver was short on details for his plans to submit a petition to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to move the United States to an HD voice infrastructure, but attendees seems to latch onto the fact that the basic technology defining a “phone call” hadn’t fundamentally changed since the 1930s, with FM radio providing better sound fidelity. Broadcast television’s migration from analog to digital provides both a precedent and a template of sorts for government intervention.

An expanded HD Communications event is planned for September 15 and 16, with additional time available to accommodate more topics of interest.

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