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Testing, Testing: Ixia buying Catapult Communications

Testing shop Ixia is buying 3G/4G wireless testing firm Catapult Communications for around $63 million net, at $9.25 per share. If you want to get picky, the transaction is around $105 million, less Catapult’s cash and investments.

Ixia says Catapult’s 3G and 4G wireless networking testing solutions are an excellent complement to Ixia’s complete line of IP performance test systems and service verification platforms, so Ixia gets to be a one-stop shop for testing converged multiplay IP services, be they wireless or wireline.  Catapult’s test systems work out the buzzword’s service providers and telecommunications equipment manufactures have come to know and love: LTE, IMS, WiMAX, CDMA, VoIP, GPRS and GSM.

The transaction is expected to add to Ixia’s non-GAAP earnings as early as Q4 2009.

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