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PAETEC goes California

PAETEC, one of the more interesting CLECs around, has opened up business in Northern California. New markets include San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose, and Sacremento, with a new sales office in Walnut Creek to anchor the expansion.

Adding Northern California has also added 20 jobs in sales, operations, and support staff; PAETEC isn’t ruling out adding more jobs in the future. The new expansion gives the company coverage in 83 of the top 100 service markets around the country.

Based in Rochestery, NY, PETEC is a business-focused CLEC with a full portfolio of solutions ranging from simple voice minutes to data and Internet services, a hosted software solution to manage service delivery, plus a leasing division for CPE and the Allworx SMB IP PBX division.

Reporting financial results last week, PAETEC reported revenues a bit over $399 million for Q1 2009 and citing adjusted EBITDA of $63.9 million.  For GAAP-style reporting, the first quarter net loss was $3.3 million, so I’ll leave it to the accountants to discuss which number is “better.”

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